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Volunteering by New Grange Students

by Sue Hermann

I received a lovely special request letter from the “Transition Coordinator” at The Newgrange school in Hamilton.  She said she had four high school students who would like to volunteer at Lawrence Nature Center (LNC) in Lawrenceville.  They could help with any projects we had for three hours every Wednesday for two months. How terrific! Our students arrived the first day with lots of excitement, personal drive, and a faculty job coach.  The first project was to move all loose tree limbs and debris on the property into big piles for township pickup.  This work took several Wednesdays!  I have never seen such joy and cooperation doing hard work outdoors as was exhibited by the Newgrange volunteers!  Lunchtime each day was for talking about the morning’s work, learning the history of Lawrence Nature Center, becoming comfortable in the nature center building and getting to know the LNC board of trustees’ vice president and president who enjoyed working with the Newgrange School volunteers.

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Garter Snake

Scout Projects

Ben Campos and his Troop 15 planted a blackhaw (Viburnum pruniflorum) and a cedar post behind the nature center in his proposed birding feeder station area.  Ben and the scouts in his troop will construct the platform feeder and a second hanging feeder, plus four bird houses, in the upcoming months.  The feeding station will enhance the beginner birding programs scheduled in January and February of 2012.

Demolition TrashDemolition Trash




Scouts working on Phase I of Feeder.

In late November and early December, girl scout Delia Monken completed her Silver Award project, a wood duck box.   The wood duck box was constructed with cedar wood, included a predator guard and is about twelve feet high in a tree along the Shabakunk Creek.  It looks absolutely wonderful!  In December a pair of wood ducks was observed nearby on the Shabakunk Creek.  How can the wood ducks resist such a beautiful nesting box this spring?  


Demolition Trash








Duck Box on Shabakunk.

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